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Get help from a six-figure businesswoman, who built multiple (and successful) passive-income businesses from the ground up.

Hi! The name’s Tanisha Jamison.

A six-figure entrepreneur, an author, and the brains behind Hood2Heights.

I am the lady, who went from being a nanny (at 19-years-old) to living the life of my dreams in just a couple of years. At first, I did it all by myself (by figuring things out on my own, learning from failing, and hustling day-and-night) which led me to run my first business.

But soon…

I realized: instead of going through the emotional pain of wasting time, struggling on your own, it was smarter to learn from other women’s failures — thriving women who had already broken past their growth ceiling and matured into role-models for 1000s of people.

On Generating Passive Income And Multiplying Your Income Pool.

These guidebooks are precise, to-the-point, and don’t beat around the bush.

And they are based on my practical experience, and what I learned from others.

These guidebooks are a great way to start your business journey if you’re new to passive income and don’t have the luxury to talk to me (which is completely okay!). Check ‘em out:

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I have paid $1000’s on mentorships over the years. I have opened, closed, and grew multiple businesses. I have had so much success but it was built on so much pain and failure. Im here to help you not make the same mistakes.You will grow strong and positive. You will become the best versions of yourself.

Not only will you learn about Passive income opportunities, but you will get access to our private facebook page with like minded individuals, unlimited access to all my ebooks, courses, and weekly coaching calls for one very low price.

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If you didn’t know already, passive income is when you don’t have to exchange your time for money. It’s how six-figure (and above) entrepreneurs make most of their living. And…

It’s how I make most of my living too. And since I have a lot of my time for myself, I have invested my time diversifying my income and launched multiple successful businesses.

And it’s all thanks to a handful of practical growth-hacks, which I learned from very successful ladies. Ladies, who went from making zero to raking in $100K+ per year!

And I share those exact growth-hacks with you, which allow you to build and run a successful, passive-income business and generate six-figures without wasting your time learning things on your own, or spending day and night trying to break your growth ceiling.

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